The route from Zurich to Vienna

I used an approximately nine hours SBB direct train from Zurich to Vienna. I went with this choice as I had a tight schedule and I wanted to reach Vienna using the fastest land transportation route at that time. It was a bit tiring and a quite long trip and probably there are few other alternatives. For example, there is an option of reaching Vienna from Zurich passing through Munich and it probably gives you a chance to spend some time in Munich if you have time but that would be around twelve hours of travel. It is a quite scenic route. I can`t claim that it is the most scenic route between Zurich and Vienna but it is quite beautiful and it covers a long route in Austria reaching to Vienna.

This specific train passes through lots of stations, cities and locations in Switzerland and Austria a few examples are Satteins,Feldkrich,Schaan,Buchs,Mols,Altendorf,Pfaffikon and many others. There is a restaurant on board with reasonable pricing and it is recommended to sit in your allocated seat number as with many stations on the way the train can get fully occupied at some point even if it seemed empty in the first few stations. There is a free Wi-Fi on board but it is not very consistent. The train itself and the seats are acceptable. However, if you’re planning a Euro trip in this route you can consider a stop in Munich or Salzburg.

Here are few photos from the direct route from Zurich to Vienna by train. More scenic photos on the Instagram account “Sufitraveler”. Thank you and please stay tuned for more tips and recommendations and till we meet again stay positive.


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