Vienna…Livable and User-Friendly

You can`t help but fall in love with Vienna. It is livable, full of life, history, and architecture. Vienna is quite affordable, cost of transportation and accommodation (For residents) is lower than many other European cities. With a rich political history where socialism ruled over capitalism for a while, you can feel the effect of socialism in some parts of the city. Music is a big thing and it is a part of the culture and identity of the city. Sometimes it is referred to as the music capital of the world. Famous composers have lived and grew up in Vienna. So it is a perfect city for Opera fans.

St. Stephen`s Cathedral is an iconic building in the heart of Vienna, the surrounding area is full of life and you can easily reach too few other historical locations and building in Vienna. Hofburg Imperial Palace, Volksgarten, and few others are within walking distance from St. Stephen`s Cathedral. You can easily spend at least half a day in St. Stephen`s Cathedral and the surrounding area. There is a wide variety of restaurants and shops. You can do some nice shopping in that area too, probably not the cheapest in Vienna. However, it does have a wide variety of choices.

Sacher cake or “Sachertorte” is a famous Viennese specialty invented in Vienna by Austrian Franz Sacher in 1832. It is basically a Chocolate sponge cake with apricot jam and dark chocolate icing and it is served in many restaurants and cafeterias in Vienna. It is worth trying.

I had only spent two nights (two and a half days in Vienna). So, I cannot claim I am an expert in Vienna. I used SBB train from Zurich to Vienna, which with around nine hours long and tiring journey by train. Check out “The route from Zurich to Vienna”. The train almost crossed Austria diagonally, so we had got to see lots of different places in Austria on the way. It does have nice landscapes and topography, so it was not that boring. Plus they had a reasonably priced restaurant on the train. I did use the hop-off-hop-on service for one day and it was pretty convenient, narrating lots of interesting information about the history of Vienna with highlights on the famous composers and how important music is to the country. I would say one day was not enough to hop-off at even the major attractions and check it out. However, overall the hop-off-hop-on service was a quite satisfactory experience.

Public transportation in Vienna is quite lower in price than other European cities. I have noticed that the taxi fares are for the ones I had used were also lower than other European cities. In general, the city is very user-friendly livable and walkable to a great extent. You can enjoy a walking tour, especially in the city center. If you are doing a Euro trip, Vienna is definitely worth considering on the bucket list. I would say two nights were not enough. Probably four to five nights would be ok for a deeper experience. Here are some photos of the nice city. More photos are available on the Instagram account “Sufitraveler” and till we meet again stay positive.

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