Venice…visit it before it drowns?!

One thing you will not hear or read that much about Venice is that the infrastructure of many buildings is deteriorating. That is not a big surprise. They were built a long time back with old construction techniques and infrastructure plus the surrounding environment will play a role. The dilemma here is whether to demolish some of the old buildings and with it the identity of the iconic place or to keep it as it is with its beautiful historical image. That does not apply to Saint Mark`s Basilica or the other cathedrals around Venice. It mainly applies to the residential buildings which are in many cases converted into hotels.

That is not the reason you should visit Venice before it drowns and do not get me wrong Venice is still one of the most beautiful and iconic places on earth. Sadly, I have read few reports -like this one from the Independent- that Venice will be underwater within a century if the acceleration in global warming is not quelled and flood defenses installed. That is one thing you learn from traveling, visiting this monumental, iconic city and realizing that it might fully drown due to global warming should give you a sense of responsibility towards the planet and our environment.

One more tip, do not visit Venice with too much luggage. It is not a luggage-friendly or a car-friendly city. There is a “luggage-carrying” service information in front of the train station but I would rather go for a lean traveling style with the minimum possible luggage. You might as well want to activate your Wi-Fi service ,try to get some good data roaming package in order to use google maps to reach your hotel and move there, otherwise you might easily get lost or suffer from asking the directions at every corner in a place where the English language is not the easiest way to communicate.

Maybe I was not so lucky with the Gelato shops I have tried as I was not so lucky with the hotel. However, I do prefer the Gelato in Rome, Milan, and Florence to the one in Venice at least the ones I had tried. The gondola in Venice is quite expensive it costs around eight euros. You can go for it if you want to have the experience of specifically a gondola in Venice. Otherwise, you can take one full day waterbus travel card for twenty Euros or a two-day travel card for thirty Euros where you can easily commute between stations and enjoy the ride all around Venice.

Venice has an amazing variety of restaurants, however, it seems I wasn’t very lucky with that one either. The food was really good but the waiters were a bit pushy for tips and for the expensive items on the menu. It is a very genuine Italian experience though. I had spent one night, one and half days which were quite enough to cover Venice including Piazza San Marco. However, I could not get inside Saint Mark`s Cathedral as the lines had been too long’s, you might consider two or three nights based on your plans.

So, yes please do visit Venice before it drowns and after you visit please do your best to save our planet from climate change and global warming to conserve such beautiful heritage of mankind. Here are some photos of Venice. More photos are available on the Instagram account “Sufitraveler”.And till we meet again stay positive.

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