Celebrating our Diversity-EP01.

Travel promotes peace. This is one of the mottos of my blog, and it is genuinely one of the core values/reasons that motivates me to travel more, explore more and meet new people. Each traveler has his/her own motives and inspirations to travel. Some travelers are foodies, some are more into fashion and lifestyle, and some are into art and architecture …etc. My motive and inspiration which I do feel on every trip and at every place I go to are to celebrate our diversity, build more bridges and promote peace.

I am starting a new blog series to document how I experience that during my travels. I love meeting people from different ethnic groups, cultural backgrounds, and beliefs.I believe it does help us understand each other and our world deeper and wiser. Even though sometimes there are culture and language barriers but still every day through travel we can build more bridges and grow stronger together. We can collectively evolve into a more peaceful, prosper and a non-violent world.

So, stay tuned and join my journey of celebrating our diversity. Any comments or ideas are most welcomed. Any relevant stories or thoughts are welcomed as well with a chance to be published. Check out the Instagram account “Sufitraveler” and until we meet again stay positive.

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